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June 6, 2012
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$500.00 Off Clear Aligner Treatment (for tooth straightening), started this year

We are excited to introduce our Tooth Bucks Program:

What are “Tooth Bucks”?

“Tooth Bucks” is an accumulative credit program in which you can earn credit for services you receive. You can also earn credits for referrals of friends and family! Credits range from $1 up to $100!

How does it work?

For most treatment you will earn a credit. As you continue to come and receive treatment you accumulate your “Tooth Bucks” and can redeem them at any time.

How can I use them?

A chart will be kept in your file to keep track of your “Tooth Bucks”. As your “Tooth Bucks” accumulate, you simply tell us that you would like to use your “Tooth Bucks” that day and we deduct it off the amount due, or your co-pay if you have dental insurance.

We hope that our “Tooth Bucks” program can make it a little easier for you and your family to be able to receive the dental treatment you need.

Tooth Bucks” Credit Chart:

  • Filling: $2 Root Canal Anterior: $15
  • Extraction: $2 Root Canal Bicuspid: $20
  • Quadrant Deep Cleaning: $2 Root Canal Molar: $25
  • Routine Cleaning: $1 Build Up: $2
  • Crown: $25 Partial: $25
  • Bridge, 3-5 units: $50 Denture: $25
  • Bridge, 6 units or more: $100 Referral of Individual: $5
  • Referral of Family: $15


*Credits are only earned when the amount due for the day is paid in full.